The Academics section is one of the indispensable offices charged with the responsibility of overseeing curriculum implementation, school program, discipline, creating cohesion between the immediate arms of the school student body, teachers and support staff.

It is delightful that public opinion about Nyakemincha secondary school is very positive. Credit for improved discipline goes to all members of staff. Students move by running at all times from one point to another and above all recommend the principal for his visionary leadership. Parents play a vital role in instilling discipline in their children by availing them in school and through parental guidance which is being portrayed in the performance of the students in the recent years.

The office handles indiscipline cases comprehensively through the guidance and counseling department. We also have a disciplinary committee with a listening ear and making guided decisions for the purpose of fostering teaching and learning in the school, that sits to handle any occurrence of indiscipline case.

The School has the following Departments:-

Guidance and Counseling

Our guidance and counselling departments are active to deal with stress related disorders arising from effects of COVID-19 such as stigmatization and to provide mental and psychological support to pupils as well as teachers and support staff.

Extra Curricular Activities

extracurricular activities allow your child to learn something that could stay with them for a lifetime. Directly, that skill could be the basis of a hobby or passion that enriches their life for many years. Besides education, we lay emphasis on sports, student government, arts, hobbies, and educational clubs.


¬†Boarding allows students to set themselves apart in so many ways. And living away from family while at school provides the ultimate setting for independence, as well as the ownership of one’s learning. This has improved learning and performance trends.


The science department is to present science as a rational and systematic observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena. We have well equipped laboratories for practical experiments by learners

Director Studies

responsible to the Principal/Manager for the academic management of the School and ensuring the teaching and learning component of the programmes are delivered to the highest standards


The Examination department is mainly meant to deal with the appointment of paper setters, Examiners, Moderators, senior supervisors, preparation and publication of schedule of examinations, conduct of examinations, to get performance of the candidates at the examinations properly assessed and timely declaration of results.


Career guidance helps students to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications and abilities. It helps them to understand the labour market and education systems, and to relate this to what they know about themselves.


Our school bus supports students, staff and community in several occasions . Movement made easy

School Performance