St. Peter’s Nyakemincha secondary school is a school with a difference. This is a school where all stakeholders own the school. All teachers, support staff, students and parents own the school and feel part and parcel of the school. The school does not belong to the principal or the Board of management for that matter. For this reason everybody here works with passion for the glory of God and improvement of the welfare of others. At Nyakemincha we are each other’s keeper. Whenever differences arise they are sorted out amicably bearing in mind always that the welfare of the child that God has put in our hands to mould is supreme.

We work as one team where every player knows and executes his/her roles very well. As a result of this we have achieved tremendous progress in both academic and co-curricular activities.The school mean in KCSE examination has been increasing every year where the school attained its highest mean of 8.62 in 2014 taking position 4 in  Nyamira County.

In co-curricular activities, our students have every year represented Nyamira County in National competitions in science and engineering fair where they perform very well and come back with beautiful results accompanied with trophies. The institution has produced great leaders among them being The Late His Excellency The Governor Nyamira County, John Obiero Nyagarama among other professionals serving this county and country in various fields.This is a school where any serious parent will aspire to bring his child and will never regret at the end of 4 years. We feel and see the greatest difference over years.

Our Motto

Quality Education Quality Life

Our Mission

To Provide High Quality, Relevant and Beneficial Teaching Services that are Affordable.

Our Vision

To be a Center of Academic Excellence


Categorized into 8 Departments


Comprised of The Principal as the Secretary; Chairman and other members


The school is well protected with perimeter wall and 24/7 security guards

School Life 

Transport Made Easy

School bus readily available for use